Audiophile Quality Analog to Digital Music / Film / Video Transfer

The Legal Stuff for Media Transfer at Audioanalogy Musicworks

The service we provide for our customers is solely for the purpose of making available to them a Copy of a works (music, film, video) from a medium / format to which they no longer have a convenient way to enjoy... to a medium / format from which they do.

Example - 78 RPM record to CD or 8mm movie film to DVD.

These are the stipulations that we stick to every time:

  • We will ONLY work from the original Copyrighted material that is owned by the customer we are doing the work for. All information of the works will be recorded and signed to by the customer on our Copyright Ownership form confirming there ownership of the works in question.
  • The Copyright Ownership form which ALL of our customers sign stipulates this and that the Copy (one only) we provide for them is for their own personal use and not for Distribution or Profit in any capacity.
  • We will and have provided multiple copy's for our customers of works that are Personal works ( home recordings of music, film, video) or works that are not Copyright protected. This is the only EXCEPTION to which we will provide multiple copies for our customers if they do so request.