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This is a selection of the most often asked questions received over the years but you will have others. Do contact us anytime at and we will do our best to answer them.

Q - How do I pack up my precious memories to insure they will ship safe?

That is a big one and is something you do not want to take lightly. Trust me, I also restore and sell Vintage Hi-FI all over the world and HAVE SEEN IT ALL when it comes to shipping damage! A big rule of thumb is to pack your items expecting the worse and you will probably be just fine and ALWAYS use a insured / traceable shipping method so your shipment cannot vanish into the void!

For most records regardless of size, a good packing box can be a PIZZA box because of it’s dimensions and they are quite sturdy in construction. They also come in a variety of sizes good for a small quantity of 45’s, 10 inch EP’s / 78’s and 12 inch LP’s. Pick up the suitable size along with a quantity of the “thin” bubble wrap to use as a layer of cushion / packing between each individual record. Lot’s of packing around all sides of your goods will minimize any possible mishaps. This packing method is an Absolute Must for safe shipment of early 78 RPM recordings as they are the most fragile! A LP or 45 can flex a bit without breaking where a 78 record cannot! Flex it too much and it WILL SHATTER! The sturdier the packing box with lots of packing material around ALL SIDES is a must!

Q - I have a series of Box sets of LP records. How do you charge for this kind of work?

To clarify, Box sets of records were popular for many years to profile the works of artists, composers or styles of music that spanned many years. If I use the example of a Box set containing 7 - LP records, there is considerable savings over doing 7 individual LP’s. based on the fact that technically all 7 records should be cut at the same level ( volume ) and the type of clean-up necessary should be the same for all. We do the work as follows…..

If the first LP of the set is to be done at the Single rate of $16.00, the remaining 6 will be done at ½ that single rate of $8.00 each x 6 for $48.00 plus $16.00 ( the first LP rate ) for a total of $64.00. This works out to just $9.14 per LP, a saving of $48.00 for entire the 7 LP set.

Q - I have a number of Video tapes of different formats / sizes. How do I know what I have?

Since this work is done on a Per-hour of recorded video basis there is a fairly easy way to determine what you have. In the case of all the Analog Video formats ….. Beta, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm & Hi8, as long as there is something recorded on the tape, the tape counter will advance giving you a total time of recorded material on that particular tape. I recommend you place the tape in the VCR or Camcorder, rewind it to the start of the tape, Zero the tape counter and put the VCR into fast forward. As long as something has been recorded on the tape the counter will advance. Fast forward it all the way through and record the total time. Unless you have a very old VCR, your tape counter will display in hours/minutes/seconds. Short of viewing every foot of tape at least you will be able to determine how many hours of video you wish for us to transfer.

As we have done in the past for many customers, and you do not have the means to do this, we will do it for you once your product arrives to us and contact you with a breakdown for your approval.

Q - I play my records on my stereo and hear a lot of noise /crackling. How much can you clean them up?

A - A very good question and the bottom line is that in every case, you WILL hear dramatic a improvement in Fidelity and reduction in Noise of any recording we will work with. Everything that leaves here is Guaranteed to sound much better than when it comes in. If your recordings are even in moderately good condition, we will be able to render them totally Noise free!

Q - I have many reel to reel tapes of many different sizes ( lengths ). How do I know how long they are?

Pretty much all tape used on “consumer” reel to reel decks for home recording or even semi-professional purposes was ¼ inch in diameter.

This is where it gets complicated as the Tape used came in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and the Decks were able to record at 2 to 4 different speeds. Since I have to do this work on a Per-Hour of recorded audio basis, the more information you can provide about the tape is necessary for the quote to be accurate. I don’t see it that often but anything written on the box or reel is valuable. Many people would write the Speed the recording was made at on the box and if the tape is in it’s original box, the length ( in feet ) of the tape would also be listed. This info is important to get the quote accurate.

At best though, it is very difficult to know exactly what is on these tapes without actually getting them into the computer for analysis.

As I do with ALL work prior to proceeding, once we go through it all you WILL hear from us with a DETAILED breakdown of what is involved and what it will Cost to do the work to your exact wishes.

Q - My films are all different sizes ( lengths ). How can I figure out how much film I have here?

Life began as 50 feet of film on a 3 inch reel. This is the way your film was returned to you from being processed and ready for viewing in your projector. With these 50 foot reels averaging only 3 to 4 minutes. To make it easier to view, one could invest in a film editor / viewer and splicing kit to splice together as many as 8 of these 50 foot reels ( 400 feet ) together onto a 7 inch reel.

These larger reels were also available in 5 inch ( 200 ft. ) and 6 inch ( 300 ft ) as well and to make it easier, most of these reels had markings on the flanges to indicate how many feet had been spooled on that particular reel.

Please use this form……to provide us with as much information as you can about what you have.

Open and inspect your film that is in box’s. Get out a ruler to confirm the diameter of the reels you have and how full they are.

With this information, I am able to provide a very accurate quote of what it will cost to do the work.

To put your mind at ease please check out our vast selection on our "equipment list" page.

All of this experience and equipment garantees you the absolute finest restoration and
transfer to digital of your precious memories available anywhere in the world!

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