Audiophile Quality Analog to Digital Music / Film / Video Transfer

Standard Services at Audioanalogy Musicworks

All Types of Video Transfer or Duplication

Contact - Myles Pavelich To discuss volumn rates

(3) Video Transfer to CD or DVD

There is a broad range of ANALOG Consumer and Semi-Pro formats covered here. They range from 3/4 inch U-matic Reel to reel, BETA, VHS, VHS-C, 8MM to Hi-8.

Services for video transfer range from Straight transfer / conversion to File or DVD... to Custom capture and Edit. This work is also done on a Per-hour of recorded video rate of as reasonable as $10.00/hour and up. Rates vary based on the Format and service required. The more specific the info you are able to provide as to what you have for transfer will enable us to more accurately provide you a quote.

Digital Video

The range in this category is ever changing. From Digital 8 & Mini-DV to various Hard drive & Memory card Formats make it even more fun to provide a accurate quote. We can talk and it will be quite easy to sort it out.